Ken Wilcox

Ken Wilcox currently serves as Emeritus Chairman of Silicon Valley Bank and was both President and Vice Chairman of SPD Silicon Valley Bank, Silicon Valley Bank’s joint-venture bank in Shanghai.

Mr. Wilcox was previously the CEO of SVB Financial Group. In that role, he successfully pursued a strategy of expansion and diversification, while remaining focused on the group’s core niches of technology, life sciences, venture capital, and premium wineries.

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"What is so refreshing about Ken Wilcox’s book is the open manner in which he writes – that there is never a hint of the typical superficiality that bogs down similar books. His well-defined humor and compassion are on full display and the images he conjures up are simply compelling. This is clearly not a vanity project or a cunningly constructed monument to his past. Wilcox is merely having a lively and earnest conversation with the reader. Kindly offering up pearls and challenging his audience to dig deeper."
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"In three succinct but informative parts, Wilcox expounds on leadership principles and qualities, building teams and managing during change, all anchored by a strong emphasis on corporate culture. The book begins with an exploration of leadership motivation; the author asks penetrating questions about readers’ visions, delegation skills, and management styles. Wilcox wisely points out that leaders must not only be authentic and confident, but also vulnerable: “They’re willing to admit to their shortcomings and mistakes. Without this quality, no one can be a true leader.”"
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